World Psychic Soul
SERVICES OFFERED is the place to go for a more detailed summary of services. Below is a brief summary. THIS site is for relaxation and spiritual expansion.

World Psychic Soul is a place for us to gather, relax, de-stress and feel spiritually uplifted.

Readings: Carole Lynne offers Mediumistic Readings where she communicates with the spirits of those who have passed on. She also offers Intuitive Guidance Readings, and uses her intuitive skills to tune into what she perceives as a higher source of wisdom. You can ask Carole Lynne to tune in on specific life situations. All readings are confidential.

Mentoring: Carole Lynne offers mentoring sessions (private lessons) to those who are confused as they begin their spiritual development and require a consultation with a professional. All mentoring sessions are confidential.

Online Seminars and On Location Seminars: Expand and explore your spiritual gifts. Check the calendar at

U Give Yourself a Reading Online:
Use this product to strengthen your intuition. It is amazing! You can give yourself an intuitive reading every day if you like. Visit www.carolelynne.comand find the page called U/ Online Readings.

Email or call Carole Lynne for details about her readings.
617 964-0058