World Psychic Soul

The Importance of Evidential Mediumship

by Minister Nora Shaw

Platform medium, teacher at Arthur Findlay College

Most people do not realise the full value of a message from someone who has departed this life here on earth. An accurate message will not be something
that is from the mind of the Psychic Medium. An accurate message is relayed by the living Spirit of someone known to the one receiving the message, via
the mind of a Medium. The quality and accuracy depends on the Medium having the experience and training that prevents interfering with what is being

If it contains evidence that identifies the spirit communicator, it will both remove any fear of death for the person receiving the message on a personal level, and remove the feeling of total loss regarding the one who is communicating via the Medium.

It is a wonderfully effective way of bringing healing to the mental /emotional aspects of someone suffering from the trauma and stress of losing a loved one via the death of the physical body. An accurate, evidential
message is a very positive aid towards recovery, enabling ‘knowing’ instead of just hoping.

It must be emphasised that the evidence given should identify the loved one beyond doubt, for this to occur a Medium must be educated in the subject as well as experienced.

For a potential Psychic Medium Training courses for Mediumship are available in both written and practical format, workshops and tutorials can encourage the best methods of building the bond between Medium and Spirit.

A person can be naturally psychic and think that training is unnecessary but just as anyone can play a piano with one finger and produce a sort of tune -
unless they go for the correct training then they will never be a good pianist, certainly not a concert pianist. Likewise with Mediumship.

The advice I would give to anyone who is looking for evidence of life continuing after physical death, is go to someone the right qualifications.

If you can, go to see them work first, before paying for a private reading. A good reading is heart-warming in its simplicity, is healing in a positive way and when you receive one, you will know; without doubt death is not an ending.