World Psychic Soul


I am inspired to create a site that you can visit as often as you like to receive the vibrations of healing and to be inspired as you take the journey to inner peace. For me, the ongoing creation of this site is part of my spiritual exploration: a journey that I want to share with you. World Psychic Soul is a place for all of us to practice the opening of the heart and soul.

The page called "Guided Meditations" will have both written meditations and audio links to short meditations for you to listen to. The page called "Articles ~ Guest Writers" will have short articles to read. The content on both of these pages will be updated each month. Come back often during the month to work with the meditations you enjoy the most and find new surprises each month. 

Scroll down for visions of peace.

Gaze at the powerful stones,
the beautiful flowers,
the always moving sea and sky.

Feel the peace. 

Oh world, let me gaze upon thee and forget myself.
Let the rocks, the water and the beauty of the flower repair all the energies that have gone this way and that within me.

Let me understand that peace will only come as I give up the frantic thoughts and actions of my daily living.
Let me give myself to the Divine and walk the path as it unfolds before me.

Carole Lynne